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risingdbsksun's Journal

15 May
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I'm a girl who is, more or less, obsessed with K-pop (Particularly DBSK) and just Asia in general. I greatly regret not being asian myself, but I make up for by attempting to learn Korean and Japanese. I spend my spare time reading fan fictions and writing my own. I stay up too late and know it, but don't care as long as I have my earphones in and a laptop in front of me. I adore long walks, listening to storms at night before I go to sleep, snowball fights, braiding hair, and being wrapped in something soft and warm. I dislike the words "never mind" and despise sushi. I cannot live without hot chocolate, music and a pencil in my hand. I want to live on the beach and swim everyday until I'm 101 and turn into a prune. I think too much and tend to be a little too emotional about lots of things (Like the members of DBSK, who make me laugh and cry far too much. If you need an example go watch one of their live performances of Proud or Stand By U). I love sappy, romance movies and am a total sucker for cute things (ie. teddy bears, love letters, puppies and guys with crooked smiles) I dream of someday finding a perfectman, just like the ones in Korean boy bands.
Goodbye for now :]